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jeannesweinie's Journal

15 December
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"oh my tongue's the only muscle on my body that works harder than my heart."

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most of this journal is friends only.. just comment to be added.
80's, amandas, amelie poulain, androgyny, angelina jolie, anorexia, art, artichoke, audrey tautou, ballerina shoes, ballet, beetle juice, being alone, big booie language, biting, black, black and white, black jackets, black mens pants, boxers, breakfast, bruises, bubbles, candles, cat eyes, cats, celine dion, clarissa explains it all, cold weather, colored stockings, concerts, cotton candy, crayons, dancing, daria, dark, dashboard confessional, disney channel, disney world, domination, drop dead fred, dykes, earings, edward scizzor hands, empire records, eyes, fairies, female singers, feminine guys, fingers, fire, flexibility, four, foxfire, french movies, girl interrupted, goodwill, grapes, graveyards, gummie bears, hair dye, halloween, hands, hip bones, hoodies, hot pink, independence, insanity, insomnia, instant messaging, intelligence, joan jett, jogging in the rain, kids, kissing, kittie, kool-aid, laughing, lava lamps, legos, lesbians, light up shoes, little things, making up words, mental disorders, mental institutions, mind games, music, nail polish, natalie merchant, new found glory, no doubt, not touching, pasta, perfection, philosophy, photography, pictures, piercings, pigs, pink, platforms, playdoh, pro ana, psychology, purple, queer as folk, rain, rainbows, ramen noodles, reading, roleplaying, sarcasm, schizophrenia, scotland, secrets, seduction, sexuality, sharpies, short hair, shrek, shy people, singing, sinéad o'connor, skittles, south park, spice girls, strawberries, strength, sublime, super nintento, swimming, swinging, tap shoes, the butchies, thunder storms, tight black pants, tool, trampolines, water, wax, winona ryder, writing, yoga, zip up hoodies, ♀♀